5 months ago

Miezis un Kompānija

Miezis & KO is a contemporary beer pub, where you can enjoy European beer style icons and avant-garde creations from…

8 months ago

Riga Pashkevich Jazz Club

Jazz club in the very heart of old Riga is well-known among fans of good music and tasty food worldwide.…

3 years ago

Solanka 33

Solanka 33 is a central bar that has got everything you need for starting a great night out, being tourist…

3 years ago

Boheem Kohvik Kalamajas

Boheem Kohvik Kalamajas is indeed one of our favourite brunch places in Tallinn. The place has got a relaxing and…

4 years ago

Kodu Bar

Kodu Bar is like a mouse hole hidden in the basements of centuries-old building with windows right on the level…

4 years ago

Armoury Bar

Many people have a fascination with firearms and given the numerous displays of authentic pistols, machine guns, semi-automatic weapons and…

4 years ago

Depeche Mode Bar

This bar is good for Depeche Mode fans, but not only. Also this place like alternative people, who like good…

4 years ago

Rock Cafe (1 Rokkafejnīca)

"Latvijas Pirmā Rokkafejnīca" ("Latvian First Rockcafe" in English) is a rock-bar, cafe and concert venue based on the original legendary…

4 years ago

Woodstock / Rockstar`s

The place where you can see weird Finish hillbillies band playing in the basement, treat some local tattooed girls with…

4 years ago