Daya Yoga

Daya Yoga studio was established by Dana Markevica-Krumina in March 2003 in response to the ever-growing interest in yoga in Latvia.

This studio holds Hatha yoga classes, where you can learn and practise yoga poses (asanas) along with the basic breathing (pranayama), concentration, meditation, and relaxation techniques. As the result you will strengthen your whole body, revitalise your nervous system and fill yourself with energy (prana). You will bring your thoughts to rest and look deeper into yourself. They also offer the Theoretical Course for those interested in exploring yoga in depth.

You can choose between beginners and more advanced Yoga 1 and Yoga 2 groups. There are special groups for new and pregnant women, children and teenagers, gentle yoga sessions, a wide variety of massage options, meditation classes and even Indian dance lessons. You can practice in small groups ensure, as well as you can book individual lessons tailored to suit your needs by our instructors.

Classes are conducted in either English, Latvian or Russian language. Finish your visit to our wellness studio with a refreshing cup of herbal tea or feel the healing effect of one of many exclusive massages we offer here at Daya.