Restaurant “Gardenia”

Garden Palace Hotel restaurant “Gardenia”, located in the Old Town courtyard can accommodate up to 50 people at a time. Both Garden Palace Hotel guests and locals are welcome.

The spacious restaurant is perfect for in romantic dinner for two or larger company of friends, relatives and colleagues. Restaurant “Gardenia” definitely is good at its interior, personnel, atmosphere and fine meals.

In the summer season, they open up a summer terrace, which can accommodate up to 40 people, located in a quiet, beautiful Old Town courtyard. Enjoy brunch while listening to bird songs and contemplating the emblem of Riga decorating the ancient walls, lunch – while watching the fountain and sunbeams play and delicious dinner – while taking pleasure into the quiet rhythm and atmosphere of the Old Town.

On the restaurant’s menu you’ll find mostly European courses coming mostly from France and Italy, while the wine list consists of bottles from around the world. Surprisingly, most of the items on the menu carry reasonable price tags, and the quality is more than acceptable.

The chef of the restaurant puts the main emphasis on the art of cuisine to provide a menu that combines the best of European and Mediterranean cuisine with Latvian traditional foods with a modern twist. Meanwhile, the refined wine list offers the most popular wines from all over the world to cater for all tastes.

Both fans of read meat and sea food can find something according to their tastes. And as a delicious grand finale, go for the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. Delicious upmarket cuisine in the middle of the Old Town.