A short Walk-way through the historical part of the Tallinn’s sea-side connects port area (where the starting point is located) with Seaplane Harbour Museum. It cannot be considered as a traditional tourist route and in general it’s pretty specific – thanks to graffiti covered ruins of old industrial buildings, ugly garages, railroad track remnants and all other kinds of odd post-apocalyptic structures – mostly heritage of the Soviet era. On the other hand it offers a great chance to observe Tallinn from a completely different side. And it’s a pretty nice track for jogging, by the way.

Although it looks pretty weird, this place has quite a rich history. For example, meter-sized letters “UN” (you won’t miss it for sure) inscribed on an old electric plant’s chimney’s basement not far away from Linnahall represent a UN forces checkpoint as it can be seen in the famous science fiction movie Stalker directed by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1979 (it was shot mostly in Tallinn and adjacent areas).

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